About Me


A born Canadian of African parental heritage, Adejoke Taiwo has lived a world full of experiences. Taking an interest in textiles and construction of her parents' native garb, she was enrolled in sewing classes at the early age of 6.  Since she can remember, creative juices have flowed through her veins. Adejoke further honed in her skills by obtaining a formal education in Costuming for Theatre, Costume studies at the Banff Centre, as well as a Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design at Ryerson University.

As a design professional for the last 10 years within the film industry- Adejoke is passionate about design, creating, and telling beautiful stories through imagery. Her strengths are in concept, conception and execution. Through running her design business since 2009, she has gained irreplaceable experience managing all facets of business in a creative field- from crew management to accounting, to the design process. 

Costume design - forever changing with each individual project is the fuel to her passions. Whether it’s Western, Contemporary or Sci-fi, there is always a great satisfaction creating a piece of the puzzle to complete a character.